I'm Adrià Gil and I live in Barcelona, where I run a mastering studio and develop myself as a music composer and unusual media artist.

Since I was very young I felt and stablished a deep connection with music and knew that my career was meant to be related with sound and any form of audiovisual art.

I studied computer science at college and developed a great sense of understanding between sound and technology. During the years I've grown as a music producer and composer working for myself as well as together with other artists, sometimes performing live music too.

In 2022 I enroled in Berklee College of Music to Audio Mastering Techniques master program for learning the art of audio mastering and after succesfully completing my studies I decided to open my own studio in 2023.

I truly empathise with my clients because I understand their wishes and expectations when they talk to me. Creating any piece of music is a very intense and personal process where is required to put a lot of effort, time and energy. I always try to establish an emotional connection with my work and do my best to respect the artist vision enhancing it to deliver the most out of it to get all the attention which it deserves.

I feel very grateful for what I do and being able to spend the time doing what gives me one of the best pleasures of life, enjoying music.