Here I will let you know all the useful information which I normaly ask to clients prior to work.

Briefly describe what you are requesting.

Be sure to mention if you want mastering, stem mastering, restoration, dialogue or podcast editing as well as how are you planning to release your project -being typical Digital, Vinyl, CD or Cassette- and in case of Digital release format if you need different versions of the deliverables for the popular streaming services*.

Apart from that it is always helpful to have a conversation or at least know your thoughts and expectations and of course how you want your music to sound, for example transparent, clean, dynamic, dense, punchy, loud, bright, dark, saturated, etc. If you have some other artists you love and like to get into that sound territory share it with me too.

*More and more often there are platforms that accept high quality deliverables beyond the typical CD quality of 44.100 Hz at 16-bit so I can deliver higher resolution files if needed.
Not all platforms will accept that so 44.100 24-bit and 16-bit Wav files are usually enough.

How to submit your files.

You send me a compressed Zip -or Rar- file via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or any other cloud storage or file sharing service.
You can also come with an USB drive properly formatted for macOS if you prefer.

Then, follow these guidelines to get the best quality files possible:

I am willing to hear from you soon and please feel free to reach me anytime if you have any further questions.